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Competitive Students 


At Aurelia Dance Studio we have a number of competitive students who travel the nation competing on a national and international level.  These students have taken their love of dancing beyond the social level and have transitioned onto a competitive level.  Ballroom dancing is one of the best forms of exercise and uses both the mind and body to create beautiful movements to music. If you are goal or achievement oriented, or like performing, consider working on a showcase routine or try dance competition.


Karen Rembold


I have always loved to dance, ever since I was a little kid. Yet I never had "real" dance lessons until I received them as a present for my 50th birthday. Beginning to train my body at such a late age has been a true challenge for me (and also for Gert, who is my teacher!) But the effort has been quite worthwhile. Not only am I learning how to dance, I am experiencing a host of other benefits as well: I have met many delightful people, I have lost weight and become healthier in general, and I have learned an INCREDIBLE amount about my body and about myself as a person. Oh, and I still love to dance---except for now . . . I love it more than ever.


Betsy  Callahan


If you had asked me 5 years ago if I would consider competitive ballroom dancing the answer would have been no. I have always loved to dance but  I was worried that if I allowed my dancing to be judged it would take the joy out of the experience. What happens if the judges don't like my dancing?!  Now I know, that's not really what it is about. Sure, I like to place well, but it is also about improving with each competition, testing yourself, and having fun. I'm glad I talked myself (with some help from others) into "facing my fear and walking in to it".


 Competitive ballroom dancing is an ongoing process.  A process of lessons, practice, conditioning and competitions.  I love the process.  Here I am 4 years later and it has become my passion.  I have learned so much from Gert and Kirsti; routines, technique, poise, presence, and an awful lot about myself.  The competitve dancing is constantly taking me out of my comfort zone.  I try to look at the competitions as another venue to dance,

which for me is my soul's song to the Universe.  Thank you Gert and Kirsti.


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Sharon Albert 


I have always loved to dance, if music is on,  something on me is moving!  I always wanted to do Ballroom dancing, but I was waiting for a partner.  Nine years ago this November I started Ballroom dancing and haven’t stopped since.  I did my first Ballroom Competition the next year and I was hooked on competing and performing.  It is exhilarating to put in the hard work and go leave it on the dance floor.  There is no better exercise for your mind and body that you can do at any age.  


I have been blessed with good instruction over the years, but my current Professional is by far the most outstanding!  I dance Rhythm and Smooth with the talented Jonah Schneider. We have done Showcase performances over the last few years, but recently competed in the Sliver Category for the first time.  It had been 3 years since I had been on a Competition floor and Jonah had me prepared and provided a calm presence for me to dance away.  Dancing brings us both joy and I think that shows on the floor.


I have taken lessons at many studios, but Aurelia is by far the most kind and accepting owners that I have had the privilege to work with.  Gert and Kristi provides fantastic space and inviting atmosphere to learn dancing.  So, if you are reading this you have an interest in dancing.  Make that call you will not regret it!

Linda Keen


Competing with an instructor in a Pro-Am Dance Competition provides me with a goal. There is something to work toward during lessons, and there are previous results to guide instruction. I push myself harder when I’m preparing to compete, because I know that dancing with a professional will make me look even better. I’m proud to say that at the St. Louis Star Ball several years ago, I won the scholarship competition, and tied for first place in the championship competition while dancing with my instructor, Gert Roslender.


Mark & Linda Keen


“I don’t remember any more of the routine,” my husband whispered to me during the first dance of our first competition. We had done that waltz routine a hundred times, but performing during a competition requires a higher level of competence.  Since that time we have participated in numerous competitions all over the country, including the USA Dance National Championship for the past eight years. What we enjoy the most is the time we spend together. As a couple we work hard learning to improve our dancing, but most importantly, we have fun together doing what we both love. 


Jill Bradford 


I enjoyed tap, jazz and ballet lessons when I was a child.  Tap was my favorite!  I started ballroom as an adult.  My husband and I met in ballroom group classes and progressed to private lessons and amateur competition.  Foxtrot and Rumba became my favorite dances.


I have always loved music and the emotion and expression it conveys.  If I’m not listening to music, I often have a song track playing in my head.  Ballroom dance provides a creative outlet outside of my engineering work.  I thoroughly enjoy moving to the music I love.


At my very first lesson with Gert I thought “Wow, this is definitely a much higher level of ballroom dancing!”  Competitive dancing with Gert challenges me to improve.  I feel you really are competing with yourself though - to improve both your dancing and mental focus.  In the process, I continue to learn more about myself. 


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